Applying To University

This programme is designed especially for students who are seeking to apply to universities in the United Kingdom. With the UCAS programme, students would receive valuable advice from our consultant team - who are professionals within the educational sector.

Ucas Applications

Tutor UK guides students every step of the way with the application process, to create stand out applications for top universities in the UK. Students can apply for our UCAS programme any time of the year. However, we would suggest students and parents to contact us early in order to create a successful application. The application process should start at least 3 months before the deadline showed on official UCAS website: (

The programme includes:

  • A student assessment to be able to create a strategic plan with a specific target and detailed action plan.
  • Identify the student's strengths and weaknesses in each subject to produce an effective tutoring programme so that the student meets the academic university entry requirement.
  • Guide the student on how to research important information and metrics about their degree so that they choose 5 well informed options.
  • Suggest the best available university options to students based on their wishes and capability.
  • Review student’s personal statements.
  • Manage UCAS application on behalf of the students (submit the application, manage and track).
  • Advise students on choosing the right university after receiving all offers.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Provide support throughout the process, beginning from submitting applications to receiving offer letters.

  • We're here to help

    We'll guide you to the best solution for your/child's educational needs. You can talk to a Tutor UK advisor by calling us, emailing or even popping by our offices.


    We will invest time in getting to know you and your child, often building relationships that last throughout their educational career. Our founding values were to treat each child as an individual, give every pupil the confidence to succeed‎ and ensure that every goal is met. These values are still upheld by every member of our team; you have our full attention.


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