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Welcome to Tutor UK Tutor UK was brought to life by a team of education experts who are not only passionate about improving education but also want disrupt the status quo around the perception of what education actually is. For many, education is simply about passing the GCSE and A Level exams and graduating from University. We strive to change that view everyday to a more open holistic view. We want our students to be eager to learn over their whole lifetime and impart their wisdom with others passionately. Tuition will most likely be delivered in 15-hour blocks. We would expect excellent communication between tutors and schools to ensure the pupils who would benefit the most from tuition are selected and that the timings of the sessions are coordinated effectively around the school's schedule.

Why Tutor UK?

Why Tutor UK? We are so much more than just a private tuition agency. We are a lifestyle – Edustyle. Unique programmes and packages – We specialise in creating courses and packages that really make a difference to the way students learn. We provide a great range of subjects and courses at different levels. We also provide group tuition as well as the 1-to-1 tuition. Efficiency and flexibility – learn with world renowned tutors and consultant that really know their field. In our freestyle programme lesson time, duration, topics and number of classes are all up to students and tutors, hence giving you a more flexible schedule with simplicity and independence. Live interaction – By using an innovative online study platform, our classes maximise the interaction between tutors and students, regardless of class size. Students and tutors can easily share documents, do online tasks, share screens and even revise by watching recorded lesson.Your child can practice at their own pace; we would identify any gaps in their chosen subjects. Then plan their lessons to suit their needs.

We are slowly building a better future for everyone…

Better future Our unique programmes, dedicated teachers, innovative technology, affordable fees and educational experts are helping hundreds of students have a better education experience We will keep trying harder and harder everyday to ensure that education will become more enjoyable and efficient than ever before.

Our consultants are available: Mon - Fri / 9 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.
We will aim to respond to you as promptly as possible and, if you get in touch outside of these hours, by the next working day.

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We will invest time in getting to know you and your child, often building relationships that last throughout their educational career. Our founding values were to treat each child as an individual, give every pupil the confidence to succeed‎ and ensure that every goal is met. These values are still upheld by every member of our team; you have our full attention.


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